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Hi! I am SustainaBull and I will help you understand the basics of living a sustainable lifestyle.

What is sustainability?

The idea that anything that we do in this world needs to be done in such a way that we use things, like energy and resources, in the most efficient manner possible.

We have one planet! We must treat the earth with respect so that it can continue to let life to flourish. It is our duty to live a sustainable lifestyle to maintain the health of our home!

Hierarchy of Sustainability

1. Reduce

Reduce what we use so there is less to reuse and recycle.

2. Reuse

Learning to reuse or repurpose items for multiple uses.

3. Recycle

Transform current items into a new items using machinery.

3-Legged Stool

For any endeavor to be successful, you must stand on the 3-legged stool. If any of the legs are missing from your stool, your sustainable aspirations will fail! The three legs of sustainability are; planet, people and profit.

3-legged example:

So, a farmer has to grow some tomatoes, and they want to sell the tomatoes to people so she can make money to support her farm.


In order to grow tomatoes, the farmer needs good soil and sunlight.


Then they have to grow a crop that people will buy at a fair price so they can keep farming.


The farmer also needs to make money doing all this too so they can not only cover the costs of what they have spent but also have some left over to do fun things too!

Ways To Live More Sustainable


Tips to eat more sustainable:

  • Eat less meat and dairy.
  • Compost your food scraps (fruit and veggies scraps, coffee grounds, old bread).
  • Always save leftovers food for later.
  • Eat more organic and local food.
  • Buy food in bulk, glass jars, or package free.

Tips to help grow more sustainably:

  • Use organic material for fertilizer.
  • Water your plants with leftover pasta water, dropped ice cubes, or other used water before dumping it down the drain.
  • Save your seeds when you harvest plants for reuse.


Tips to help clean more sustainably:

  • Make your own all purpose cleaners.
  • Use rags, not single use paper towels.
  • Purchase natural cleaning products.

For a closer look at different aspects of sustainability visit the rest of the heard!