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Hi! I’m ReducaBull, I’m here to teach you how to reduce your waste!

You don’t have to recycle what you don’t buy! Think about things you need or want. Can you buy them in bulk? Do you NEED them?

Every item has a life span. Which means at some point, every item you buy needs to be gotten rid of. Where? How? For how long will it last?

An Example On How To Reduce

You can buy raisins in a big bag (in bulk) or you can buy raisins in a big bag with lots of little boxes in it filled with raisins. Which do you think would create more waste?

So, you can buy the big bag and put a portion into a reusable container. And only create minimal waste. Or you can buy the individual packed items and create waste each time you use it. Aim for the less waste!

 Only buy what you need

About 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption gets wasted. Only buy the food you know you need to help reduce this waste!

Reduce the use of single use

  • Don’t get a straw for you drink
  • Don’t use plastic bags at the grocery store if you can bring your own
  • Get a reusable water bottle
  • Bring your own silverware for fast food places

There are numerous ways to reduce the use of single use items! All it takes is a little thought and consideration and you can significantly cut down on your waste!

Buy in bulk

Buy in bulk whenever you can! Bulk packaging reduces the plastic used and energy needed to get the item ready for sale!

Buy quality products

Buying quality products is very important in reducing personal waste. Spending a little extra money on products made with higher quality materials keeps these items out of the landfill and to your disposal for longer!

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